Click on this great youtube video below for some bow hunting history.

Hey Camo

Here's the pictures of that doe I was blessed with on Friday, what a night! Thanks again for the hospitality and the hunt we had a great time, as usual! Never fails, every time we visit we are always making memorable moments, to say the least. Hope the hunting season continues to be positive and productive for you and the group. If ya ever need a hand, some homemade salsa, pico or some chocolate goodies just let us know, we deliver...LOL.


FYI; rest assured that Gene will never let me live it down that I took that doe from "His" stand! On the plus side, something tells me that I'll survive.....

Be safe and shot a big one.

Pete & Gene

Sparta, WI.




I've been at Big Racks Hunt Club prior to it being a private club, when all we had was and old mallard mobile home to live/ hunt out of.  I am one of the senior hunters there living in California and by far make the longest commute now with my 26 year old son William.

I've seen 100s of deer there and messed up on a booner in 2006 with 4 shots during the gun season and unfortunately missed the mark, but it’s an opportunity like this that keeps me coming back.  I did shoot my first deer with my bow in 2014.  It was at 27 yards and was a pretty tricky shot that I'm as proud of as any buck I've killed with rifle or shot gun

For me Big Racks Hunt Club is part of me, the dirt, the trees, the autumn air, it's part of my roots.  We have a great core group of guys and gals and a great one of a kind owner, land manager, guide, Mike Camo who I've known since age 15.  I’m proud to say I was the one who got Mike interested in bows when we were kids.  Who knew he would take archery to the level he has taken it.


I think Big Racks Hunt Club is one of the finest Clubs of it’s kind and suggest you book a hunt and come see for yourself.  


Redlands, California















I've been coming to Big Racks Hunt Club now for about 4 years and on Nov 4, 2014 11:13 I shot a great 8 pt buck. It is the biggest buck I have ever shot in the 20 years that I have been hunting and my first with a bow. I have had the chance to harvest deer here at Big Racks Hunt Club on multiple other occasions but passed them up because of the quality of bucks that I've seen here. While this guy isn't as big as some of the bucks I've seed here he's my biggest and he presented me with a memorable shot that I simply could not resist, and am I glad I took it.
Some of things I love about this club is the hospitality, access to the house to warm up, rest or have a hot bowl of soup, and the property itself is amazing and managed to it's maximum potential!  
The best things about this piece of hunting heaven is you, Camo..... you are doing a great job with the property management and you are very accommodating to all of the hunters and their individual needs!
Thank you Camo and keep up the good work!







I would just like to tell you guys that Big Racks Hunt Club in Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin is everything and more than Camo says it is...  I have seen more deer today than I have in the last 6 yrs of hunting. I also saw the biggest buck I've ever seen in front of me in a stand.  And these properties are all fair chase.

This place is 100% the real thing.. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hunt.  If anything Camo is way, way to modest.  I was seeing deer as we walked to the stand, then again minutes after I was in the stand to ten minutes after dark which was the soonest I could finally sneak out of the stand without getting busted. The only exception was for the afternoon typical slow down, otherwise I was covered in deer. 

Camo is defiantly a man of his heart's still pounding......cant wait to get back out again tomorrow morning. I highly recommend him for a hunt experience you will never forget!

Lee Wehr,

Grafton, Wisconsin 




For me, "The success of a hunt isn't necessarily measured by the trophy you bring home but by what you take away from each and every experience in the field and the friendships you make along the way."


     These words came to me as I was driving home today and reflecting on the last three days spent at the Big Racks Hunt Club which is located just outside of the Wisconsin Dells, here in Wisconsin. What a great experience for both my son and I. We bow hunted hard each and every day on some very beautiful country at two different locations. The weather certainly didn't cooperate but that really didn't matter as the experience of it all certainly outweighed that.

     Our host and owner of this fair chase hunt club, Camo, was more than accommodating. What a great guy whose main interest was to make sure we had the best experience possible. He nailed it!!! I have to say that the other hunters we met there as well were all top notch and also very dedicated to the hunt. Would I go back and hunt there again? You bet!! I honestly can't wait to get back there and chase some of those bruiser bucks that call this place home. Be sure to check Camo out here on Facebook and the link to his web page to book a hunt. I promise that you won't be disappointed!!


Thanks again, Camo!!

Todd Larson





Hi Camo,  I enjoy joining my husband at Big Racks Hunt Club during the season and off season as well. The properties are wonderful and I look forward to every opportunity available to come along. For many years I have been able to enjoy walking the nicely groomed trails never knowing what I will find or see next.  It's always like a mini vacation for me and a place that we enjoy bringing friends to share it with. It's especially exciting to see everyone's kids having an opportunity to enjoy nature in a way that is usually not available to them. The fresh cold spring water that we can drink from right out of the ground and the Club's beautiful spring fed private lake, called Lake Whitetail, are always a favorite of mine.

You never know what you will see when taking a nature walk, so I always have my camera ready at my side.  I have seen a new born whitetail fawn. I've hunted morel mushrooms and have enjoyed seeing the beautiful wild flowers throughout both properties.  I love watching the foliage poking through the snow as the properties come to life every spring.  Seeing migrating monarch butterflies floating along so peacefully every summer brings me almost to a fairy tail place.  And while the autumn is usually hunting season, there are numerous sights that are actually best seen at a distance from the deck of the house, like the changing color of the leaves, and the sights and sounds of the migrating whooping cranes.  I am so thankful that a place with a focus on hunting and fishing, makes access possible for someone like me, who is more interest in unwinding and enjoying nature in a natural setting.  

Thank you Big Racks Hunt Club for offering a Nature Lover's Membership.


New Buffalo, Michigan







Hi Camo,


I feel kind of biased about giving a testimonial because I have been coming to Big Racks Hunt Club since 1996 and truly feel like it's my place now.  I come back every year simply because I wouldn't want to hunt anywhere else.  You have created a one of a kind experience for everyone that visits.  My wife Liz and I enjoy every amenity you have to offer, as well as all the attractions Wisconsin Dells has to offer 10 minutes away.  We live in a condo in Michigan, and I work downtown Chicago.  We have about 3 square feet of grass so really enjoy going to Big Racks Hunt Club just to get away from the noise and enjoy all the nature there.  My wife and I been able to plant a garden up there, hike for moral mushrooms, and of course hunt.  Over the years I have shot turkeys, and a lot of nice deer but I have never been much of a trophy hunter.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't pass on one if I had the opportunity, but so far the big monsters that I seen over the years, and I have seen many,  have all been slightly out of my comfortable shooting range. I did take a very respectable 10 pointer this past season and I can't wait for hunting at Big Racks again this year. Thanks for everything you do for all of us, keep up the good work. 


Your friend,


Illinois / Michigan







I was reflecting on my first couple seasons as part of Big Racks and wanted to share some of the memories I've been afforded in that time.

First and foremost bow hunting:
I've been flinging arrows for over 20 years and in that time have come to dislike the opportunities presented from public lands, whether it be the pressured deer or some of the individuals that may cross your path. Well these issues are gone now that I've found this little slice of paradise. Stands that are in great locations and many big enough for me to bring one of my kids or wife with me (when I choose). I treasure the friendships that I've developed here and it's always good to know who's sitting in that next stand down. Oh and the Deer! I can't tell you the number of close encounters I had with a variety of different deer, from yearlings, cagey old doe, smaller bucks that are going to be beasts in these next couple years and the mature monsters that we usually only get to see on magazines, and that was just last season.

Gun hunting:
See bow hunting but with guns. I was also part of the 23 kill opening weekend. Unbelievable memory.

Off season:
I've been able to come here year round alone, with my wife and with my whole family to take advantage of the number of other things Big Racks has to offer beside hunting. Exploring the property while hiking or riding the golf cart, maybe the best crappie fishing I've ever had down at the pond (never going to forget Deuce's reaction to casting and retrieving consistently), target practice, and playing pool at the clubhouse just to name a few.

I want to thank you for providing a place that has exceeded my expectations in what a hunt club is viewed as and look forward to not only hanging that booner on my wall but all of the year long memories that Big Racks provides.

Domenic Cifaldi







Dear Camo     

That was the best fishing I've ever done in my life! We caught so many bluegill, bass and crappie and almost all the fish were so big I couldn't believe it. It was awesome when we played pool, and hung out in the game room. I love being able to walk the fields in the summer or ride the golf cart or sitting in the tree stands during hunting, I can't wait till I can shoot. I also love being able to hang out with my dad and the time we were together. 
And thank you for letting us come. Hope we can do it again!











Hello Camo,

Just a short note to let you know how much I and Harriet appreciate the opportunity to hunt your property. We have always felt welcome and enjoy the camaraderie shown by you, your family and all who are members of the club.

There are a few things that we think are necessary to have a successful hunt. Please keep in mind that killing a critter is not the most important one: Feeling safe is right at the top of the list. There have been several times while hunting public land in Wisconsin in the past that we have not felt safe. The idea that some folks have about getting "their" buck at just about
any cost has soured us on most public land hunting. The atmosphere on your property is just the opposite of that. The folks on your land respect others and their hunting rights and that is a Big plus. Having the opportunity to at least see some nice mature deer is another positive about your operation. The years you and your pals have put into deer and land management have paid off in big dividends. A fella may not shoot a whopper every time he hunts at "Big Racks", however, rest assured, the chance of seeing one is always there. Harriet and I have both seen more mature deer on your property in just a few years of hunting than we have seen in many years of hunting other lands. We have hunted with you since the mid 90's and it just seems to be getting better each year.

The fact that you encourage women and kids to hunt, fish and get outdoors is important as well. The kids are our future and like it or not, they will be the ones making decisions about our hunting and fishing rights in the upcoming years. To get them interested in the outdoors now is the best way to insure our hunting and fishing futures.

Almost as a side note is the great turkey hunting that is available. Regardless if we filled our tags or not, all our hunts have been "successful".

Needless to say, it certainly does not hurt to bag a nice deer or turkey once in awhile either!

Thanks again and best regards,


Racine, WI.









 Dear Camo,

     As one of the women hunting at Big Racks Hunt Club I felt it was important to send you my comments.

     I would like thank you for the incredible experience I had with everyone at Big Racks Hunt Club.  Your ability to pattern deer and track wounded deer is very impressive.  I love hunting the property and this past season was very special. 

     I was very comfortable and felt right at home with the accommodations and  everyone that was was nice being in a family friendly deer camp for a change too.   I enjoyed having other women in camp and really  appreciated seeing kids hunting there as well.  Sitting down to an incredible spread of food the night before the hunt was very enjoyable and the            camaraderie was really special. 

     I've been hunting in Wisconsin for 20 years and while I have always enjoyed  myself, I have not been able to harvest a deer.  This year was my first year at Big Racks and that all changed.  While hunting with my husband, I was fortunate enough to harvest 2 great bucks.  My first buck was a respectable 6 pointer......but less then an hour later I shot the buck of a lifetime, a huge 9 pointer.  I can't tell you how happy we are to have had the opportunity to hunt at Big Racks Hunt Club, and you can count on us to be back for many years to come.









Hey Camo,

If you are looking for a great place to hunt, fish, camp and hike, Big Racks Hunt Club is definitely the place. I have been hunting and fishing at Big Racks now for a couple years and have had nothing but great experiences.  Having a few more challenges than most people, I find myself most comfortable when I am fishing at Big Racks.  However, that doesn't stop me from hunting.  I have managed to get out deer hunting both with a gun and bow, as well as turkey hunting.  I have hunted Wisconsin for 35 years and I have never had the opportunities to shoot as many deer as I have at Big Racks.  The ground blinds are positioned for easy access while still right in the middle of all the action.  I can't wait to hunt again next year......but you will be seeing me on the pond ice fishing this winter.

Steve Vento










Hi Camo,

I wanted to send you a note that you are free to post on your website.
I have been on quite a few hunts from TX, MI, MS, MO MN.  Your place is the best run hunt ever.  I have been at your place this season for 3 different weekend hunts and managed to harvest a big doe and the biggest buck I have ever shot.....a real nice 8 pointer.  You go out of your way to make sure everyone has a chance at harvesting a deer and are safe hunt at all times. There are big body deer with heavy racks that everyone sees.  And  best of all, it is fare chase.
Besides the great deer all the guys that are there go out of their way to explain deer patterns and what to watch for. I can`t wait until next year I hope to make it back.
Clarence Plansky 








Hi Camo,

I plan to buy my new bow in the next couple weeks and am going to start to practice shooting soon. You wouldn't believe how exited I am to spend another father son weekend up there with my dad.  That was the best weekend of my life.  I experienced hunting at its finest and was able to spend a great weekend with my father.  I can't wait to see you and your family soon and all of the others at Big Racks.  Take care








    I am extremely pleased and impressed with my experience at Big Racks Hunt Club and all it has to offer. No one can guarantee a successful hunt, but you were able to put me on spots that offered more opportunities for success then I could have ever imagined. I saw at least 20 deer this season, shot at a nice doe and had a great 10 pointer just a little out of range, on opening day of bow.
     Everyone should know that Camo is extremely passionate and truly wants your hunt and experience to be the best.  And, when you are not in the field the accommodations are second to none. I never thought I could eat as much food as I did after a day of coyote hunting in January. I’ll be back for future hunts many times to come. If you want great opportunities at some big quality trophy bucks you will want to hunt here. With the combination of the great property and all it has to offer along with the comradery of the hunters coming back to the house after a long days hunt, Big Racks Hunt Club is the best place to be. Thanks Camo.



Rockford, IL  










Dear Camo,
I have had the opportunity to hunt this property the past four years and all I can say it's has been a fantastic experience for me and my family. The land is second to none and it is absolutely a beautiful piece of property. The hunting is first rate and the quality deer mangement program has proven itself. Each of the 4 seasons me and my son have hunted the land we have had more than our share of opportunties at very nice bucks. We only cashed in once, but that is our fault. The fishing on the pond is also great.
Camo you are first class guy and skilled hunter who runs a very well organized hunting club. The members of this club are also a good group of guys. I recommend this first class club to anyone who appreciates the great outdoors. I look forward to hunting the property again soon.






Hi Camo, 

All told I lost count of the number of deer I saw today - I am sure a few of them I saw more than once.

The morning started out with a shooter buck coming through just before 7 - too dark to really see him but he had great main beams. He came off the hill and went to the corn. Next I had a nubby buck come by from East to West, and then a doe that was being chased by two six pointers - they came off of Reilly's ridge and went towards the main gate. Then I had what I think was Frank's six pointer come up from the direction of the house - might be the same buck I saw in the dark, not sure. If he's looking right at you, he looks like a shooter - heavy main beams at the tips of his ears. But he only has small G2s and brow tines. He's probably a 2 1/2 year old buck, maybe a management buck.

Then I had a fork horn come by going East to West, and a doe came in by herself and milled around my area between the scrub oaks and my stand until 10:30am; she was coming east to west above me. All was quiet after that until 3pm when the big shooter came through. He came through East to West below me at 45-50 yards; in fact, all of the deer I saw except the doe did. He was at least an 8, maybe a 9 or 10. I didn't get a great look at him except to note that he had good mass everywhere and was outside the ears. The doe actually came on the runway that runs just uphill from the stand - but as it turns out, where it crests the ridge east of the stand, it's dead even with the stand, so when she cleared the ridge she was looking right at me. She never noticed me until she was 5 yards from me and I made an attempt to pick up my bow.

Near dark I saw a six pointer down on the corner so I grunted and bleated at him, and he came right up to me tree. Smelled my estrous doe scent bomb I had out at the base of my tree. Then all hell broke loose in the corner. Stuff was running all over in the corn, then up on Reilly's Ridge. The six pointer turned and ran towards it. I glassed two more small bucks - a forkhorn and six pointer out on the edge of the corn sparring. Then saw another small buck in the weeds on the NW corner of the corn. Then hall hell broke loose again, with stuff running all over up on the ridge west of me - I heard grunting, and some kind of sound I can only think was a buck roar. Something ran down the hill into the corner but it was getting to dark to see what it was. When I lowered my bow and it hit the ground, something else ran off the ridge to the west of me and down towards me, but I never saw it.

All in all an eventual and awesome day.
Thanks for everything - Good luck next week. I will give you a trip report from MN.



Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well this weekend. Even though I didn’t have an opportunity to shoot a deer, I did have a great time. You have a very nice setup, the stands and trails were all in good shape and easy to find and access. I appreciated the way you made me feel at home with the clubhouse as well.

If you are keeping track of things, Saturday morning on the foundation stand, about 8:15 I had 2 does come by me on the north side of the stand, on the little knob just to my left, heading east to west.

Sunday morning I was in the swamp stand (??, the one just down the trail that is sometimes in the pond) I had a buck come in from the north about 7:45. He was either a 6 or an 8 pointer, didn’t stand still long enough for a clear picture. He was making a rub on a little tree. He was on the edge of being a shooter. Then a few minutes later another buck came running in from the south, heading north, pretty much came right by my stand and then went under the foundation stand, he was a fork or spike. 5 minutes later a doe appeared to my south, heading east to west and went into the pines.

Again, the scenery was beautiful and I enjoyed the opportunity to hunt Big Racks Hunt Club. I will definitely let anyone who is looking for a prime hunting area about your club.

Good luck the rest of the season








Hi Camo,
I never got a a chance to thank you properly as you became ill the weekend I was there and had to leave early. I have to say it was one of the best weekends I have ever experienced in the woods bow hunting. Your land is managed perfectly and the weather cooperated to make it very enjoyable. Although I did not bag a deer I had opportunities at several mature doe's but passed them up waiting for a big buck. My last day there I did see the buck of a lifetime following three doe's about 150 yards out going away from me.  It's sight I will remember for a long time. The way you manage your property I believe there are more like him around and will make somebody very happy one day. You run a first class operation and I am very thankful I got a chance to spend some time there. I have been recieving your emails and they have been very informative and interesting to read, especially the one about making your own arrows.
Again I just wanted to Thank you and I hope to get to hunt with you some time in the future.
Good Luck and Good Hunting.
P.S. I know you mentioned sometimes it's hard to find help doing chores and all the things that need to be done during the spring and summer to keep the properties in top shape and I wouldn't mind helping a weekend or two if you let me know in advance. Also my hunting buddy is retired and spends April thru November at his trailer in Oakdale and he is always looking for something to do. Keep us in mind and Thanks again.